ACW Salts and Organic Amendments

At ACW Supply we carry bulk (40-55lb) bags of most common fertilizer salts and organic amendments. Typically these are single ingredient products (ie: Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate, Chelean (aka Sodium) Nitrate, Bat Guano, or Crustacean Meal).

On the salts end, we will always carry Technical/Greenhouse grade products if available to allow for maximum solubility in your irrigation system. Please keep in mind that not all salts are soluble. Calcium sulfate or Gypsum, for instance, is mean to be a more slow release product or even to be used for pH adjustment in a Peat Media. It will not mix with water for irrigation. Some of the products we carry are water dispersible. This would mean that they are powder or pulverized to the level that they could stay suspended in water with agitation and they would have a screen size they can pass through. We have a calcium Carbonate product as well as Dolomite (Calcium and Magnesium Sulfate) that falls into this category.

With these products, not only could you formulate your own fertilizer blend, but you can also amend your current recipes and to enhance an existing blend for the plant type and stage you are trying to aid. You can download a simple 4 page booklet highlighting our salts and organic amendments here: or download our full Fertilizers Section of our catalog here: . Over the next few weeks we will focus on fertilizers and tools to make your life easier in using them. Stay tuned!

Jake Skokan
ACW Supply aka American Clay Works & Supply Company

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