ACW Supply starts Packaging Division

ACW Supply has started a packaging division.  Within this we have access to Tomato Liners, Boxes of all kinds (even custom), clam shells, Child Resistant Packaging in bottles, vials and bags, and many other products.  We know that many packaging projects demand custom work so we have teamed with various companies for die-cutting, graphic design and other specialties.  One of the first products we brought to this market is a CRREO bag, an exit package from High Sierra.  Where is an article on the product that was just published.  We’re happy to have stock of these bio-resin earth friendly packages in Colorado (and available for us to ship to many other locations, of course) and with certain minimums we can have them run to your custom printing specifications.  Contact Travis Lantz ( ) or Shaundra Matthews ( ) for all of your packaging needs.  We are happy to bring more products into market that our customers are already buying making ACW Supply more and more of a one stop shop for all of your growing needs!


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